366 15.01.16

blue skies and the best department store in the world!


street art, fine art, book art

yesterday evening i attended a book launch at the pace gallery in soho. street art, book art. it is the follow-up book to street art, fine art, which was published in 2014 documenting the extraordinary dulwich outdoor street art gallery. 15 of the original street artists that took part in the project with ingrid beazly, were given copies of the book with blank white covers. they were left to their own devises.

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charles hocking house

charles hocking house was built-in acton in 1969 with the aim of providing affordable housing for families in the area. the building is now condemned to be demolished with luxury apartments to be built-in it’s place.

a few weeks back the street artist stik completed a 125ft tall mural running the whole height of charles hocking house. it is the tallest piece of street art in the uk, with an aim at raising awareness about the lack of social housing in the area.

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