so june was an arse. so pretty pleased that now it’s over and we can all move on and into july. it’s been one thing after another, seriously this month has pushed every boundary and limit. this month has seen a substantial increase in grey hairs. a busy busy month indeed.

so we start the month with nanny minnie having a fall and was taken into hospital. it was over the bank holiday weekend so getting to the hospital to see her was difficult as all the bridges were closed for the diamond jubliee. she lives north of the river and we are south. she hurt herself pretty bad most of her back was bruised.

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there’s stuff going on. stuff i want to blog about, but can’t. stuff i’d like to blog about, but i  can’t. i want to blog about other stuff, apart from the stuff, but i can’t seem to do so. every time i try to blog, i can’t stop thinking about the stuff i can’t blog about and then i can’t seem to write a single thing. it’s starting to get on my nerves a bit you know. actually it’s starting to get on my nervous quite a lot. i need the other stuff to go away and then hopefully my mind won’t be so distracted. hopefully the other stuff will go away tomorrow. it was meant to go away on friday but it didn’t. then it didn’t shuffle off yesterday either and today it lurked a little longer. so maybe, maybe tomorrow is the day that the stuff will no longer be stuff that’s getting in my way. then i can move on with the stuff. the stuff can leave me alone and normal service can be resumed. well actually it won’t be normal service because the stuff i can’t talk about has changed stuff. a lot of stuff. stuff is different now, a lot different. it’s only stuff though. stuff happens we just get on with stuff don’t we. we just deal with the stuff we get dealt with and learn from the stuff and move onto new stuff. so here’s to new stuff and fuck off old stuff.