scary trendy

so the rooster returns to trendy toddler, but no stripes i hear you say?

i know a shocker

ronnie is obsessed with this t-shirt, everyday he asks for it

you can see by his face that he is hugely happy

that today is indeed

scary t-shirt day

scary t shirt – h&m

check shorts – h&m

pants not seen but are stripy so need a mention – h&m

flip flops – havaianas

trendy tuesday is normal hosted by very busy mama

but this week is hosted by medicated follower of fashion

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Mummy’s Busy World

when all else fails…..

getting a decent photo this morning was a little tricky

ronnie was bouncing all over the place

looking for extra lovin’ as mummy is off to germany and we won’t see each other until the weekend boo hiss

anyhow managed to sneak one in

stripes are a big thing in this house

if all else fails wear a stripe

which in boy toddler clothing world is a big percentage

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Mummy’s Busy World