it’s no lie, i am a big fan of candles. not everyone’s bag, but i do enjoy a candle or two. many many moons ago i used to buy candles for a living for a well-known retailer. it was most enjoyable.

there are many things that i love about candles the gentle light and the scent that drifts and lingers in the air.

scent is a very personal choice, and the quality of the scent is all down to the quality of the fragrance and the wax used to create the perfect balance. the quality of the wax and the wicks ensure the perfect burn.

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as i said here, this evening we went to the white company’s christmas in july press show. whilst the nippers were down stairs cosied up in teepee’s in the cinema room, scoffing their tea, all the mummy’s were upstairs sipping gin punch and mulled win whilst decorating gingerbread men to get us into the festive spirit.

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ronnie was a little bit excited to have his name on the list

this evening we went to the christmas in july press show for

the white company

we had a ball!

excited face