2 more days to go

so here i am sitting having dinner by myself at my hotel willing the hours to go by. i’ve only got 2 more days to go, but it still seems so so far away and totally out of my reach. it’s been a good trip so far. today was good as we had a little bit of free time so we went to the market and i bought stupid amounts of ribbon and twine. close of 200m of the stuff actually. 20m of it is for my assistant, she gets married in august and we have been busy collecting jars of all sizes to wrap in lace and place tea lights in. they are going to look so god damn pretty. on the way home from the hotel popped into a pashmina factory and ordered two for me to collect on friday. oliver if you read this yes there is a very good reason why i need two more. you can never have enough shoes, bags, biscuits, cheese & pashminas. oh and ribbon.

2 more days and i will be packing up me troubles and heading home to saarf london. in 2 more days however, i will also be sitting in delhi airport waiting to board my plane and when that clock turns to 00.01 it will be my 30 something and a little more something birthday. oh joy. oh well at least i will have a shit load of ribbon and 2 pashminas to keep me company!

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