going solo

quick post to say i’m going solo. nothing dramatic, what i really mean to say is that i’m going self hosted, not nearly as much drama. i’m not really sure what this might entail and what happens whilst it’s all occurring. i’m not sure why i’m doing it really, i have been talked pretty much into it by a friend who knows what she is doing, so i’ll trust her judgement. there has been much chatter in the twitter verse about self hosting and many posts and how too’s being blogged over the last couple of months so perhaps i’m just following the trend.

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seeing things differently

wow so yesterday was interesting. it very nearly didn’t happen, that’s right i nearly said

“i’d rather be poorly sighted, get me out of here!”

it was all going well, i got to the clinic in plenty of time and filled in numerous pieces paper work. i met the surgeon, who was a lovely lovely chap and he made me feel really relaxed. he gave my eyes the final check over and ok’d me for the procedure. i then met the surgeons assistant who talked me through all the do’s and don’t for the next 48 hrs and then the following 2 weeks. he talked me through the copious amounts of different drops that i needed for my eyes and when and how to take them. he then put various drops in my eyes, anaesthetics etc and also gave my eyes a quick wipe over with iodine. i had a nice little hair net and blue shoe covers put on and i was ready for eyeball a go go.

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the fear

oh my lord in under 6 hours my eyeballs are being lasered. what am i doing? feeling a little bit sick about it right now. fuck. lasers opening my eyes having a poke around then lasering the heck out of them. what? do i¬†really need to be doing this? i look alright in glasses, shall i keep the glasses? oh lord someone slap me. this has taken 10 years to get to this point and now i am seriously doubting that i am making the right choice. i keep get texts and messages from friend and family saying good luck? why do i need good luck? these people know what they are doing right? they’ve done this shizzle before, i’m not the first? am i? oh fuck am i the first. no no no no they have testimonials. the girl opposite me has had hers done, they look alright, she can see ok. oh man.

new eyeballs

for years i have been fanning around. i quite like glasses, i think i look alright in glasses. but they are a pain in the backside. you forget them, you loose them, you break them, drunk knobs want to try them on, babies love pulling them off your face and poking you in the eye all at the same time, generally all a bit annoying apart from the fact that actually give you the gift of sight. which at times is quite handy. yes i could have contacts, but seriously i should never be allowed to poke my finger in my eye, irreversible damage would be caused in just one day. so no to contacts, thanks but no thanks.

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2 – blog it for babies

do you have 2 minutes? actually 2 minutes and 21 seconds. please take the time to watch this video. if you would like to help raise funds for this cause please head over to blog it for babies where you can donate to the just giving page. thank you in advance for your support.