365 10.06.13

today it was pointed out to me that i’m part of a gang. the pencil-case gang. amanda from the woman’s room blog pointed this out to me, she wrote about this gang, just here. you see, she interviewed me last week for a post on her blog, and i happened to mention that i thought my magnifying glass might be in my travel pencil-case. yes i have a magnifying glass and yes it’s in my pencil-case, which i take with me when i’m travelling. i didn’t realise what was then to unfold. however, i am pleased and honoured to be part of this gang. so here is my pencil-case. so what’s in yours?

pencil case

scissors, thread cutters, 2 x stapler’s, staples, staple un-picker, pencil sharpener, cello tape, rubber, tape measure, 3 sets of ear plugs, automatic pencil, HB pencil, 2 pens, 2 markers, 2 highlighters, and one marvelous magnifying glass!

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