365 16.01.14

i’ve got a thing about kids wearing certain kinds of clothes. a real bug bare of mine is when children are dressed too old for their age. i’ve always had a thing for collars for some reason. i always thought it looks strange on a small child and even more so on a baby. so until today ronnie has never worn a collar, apart from one fred perry that he has and his school polo shirts.

something else that has also slowed this down is that ronnie (5 by the way) does not like buttons. anything that we have ever bought him with buttons gets rejected pretty sharpish. even when putting his uniform on, the sweatshirt goes on quick sharp after the polo as he doesn’t want to see the buttons.

today however i was out at lunch, and i spotted a couple of shirts which were actually pretty nice. one was a gingham and one a polka dot, both just like daddies, maybe this could be the button breakthrough we have been looking for.

i presented the shirts to ronnie. he looked. nothing was said. oliver hadn’t seen them yet and instantly said oh look at those ronnie, they look a bit like the shirts i wear. sold.

new shirt


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