listography – 5 reasons i know…

i am have issues


toilet rolls must always roll forward. i can’t bear it any other way. i don’t want to touch the wall to get at my toilet paper, i like it to be presented to me, so that i only have to touch the paper and nothing else. who else has been touching that wall with their dirty little toilet hand hmmm…..


i fold things. especially towels. i quite enjoy it. i have been known to make the builders rip out the shelves they had just put in for me because how on earth could towels be folded onto these shelves. i mean really no thought process at all. my boss finds my folding hilarious, so as do my suppliers, i think i’m the only buyer that actually folds and tidies up after her self.

i once went to see a medium type of lady, not medium in size you understand, medium in the spooky kind of way and she told me out straight within the first couple of minutes to stop folding towels. oh and she mentioned the toilet rolls.


i can’t bear things they don’t match. why would you wear a bra that doesn’t match the pants? why would you do that? i don’t get it. bit like socks you buy a pair that match so then wear a pair that match right? my friend claudine never wears matching socks. in the twenty years that i’ve known her, never a matching pair. not even the same length. then bam out of the blue she rocks up at my gaff a couple of weeks back and without any kind of warning there they were. a pair of matching socks!!! albeit one was inside out, but they matched. and thankfully her 8 month old bubba had a matching pair on too. i swiftly took a picture and circulated it amongst our nearest and dearest. we are all still in recovery and some have sought counselling.


my linen cupboard. my husband drives me to distraction. i like to keep all the same bed linen together. a full set. so that when i go to the cupboard i just pick up a set. no rummaging around for all the components. it’s just there presented to you,  all beautiful like. i have come up with the solution of folding everything from the set and then putting it all inside one of the pillowcases from the set, so it’s easy peasy. i also like to have the different sizes on separate shelves, so if i’m making a super king bed, bosh there you go. your don’t find yourself making the bed and then realise you have all the double stuff for the spare room! however many times i sort it all out, oliver will somehow un-sort it, how he manages this i don’t know. i will just keep sorting it i guess.


cd’s. alphabetical order right? what other way is there. drives me nuts when people the them out and just put them back all willy nilly. alphabetical order PLEASE that’s not hard is it?

oh by the way i’m not the only one in this household with issues, check out olivers wardrobe………..

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  1. March 20, 2012 / 23:22

    I’m pretty sure my wife would concur with all of these, with the exception of the matching. I’m the one who has to have matching socks and it drives her up the wall.

    • March 21, 2012 / 00:10

      But you buy them as a pair so why not wear them as a pair? Simples innit

  2. March 21, 2012 / 07:46

    I’m with you on most of these, especially the bed linen. Who wants to rummage around when you can just reach in and get what you need? Then you can go off and do many more interesting things instead. Polly x

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