a modern world

yesterday at work i was really quite shocked at a conversation. i know this because i walked away thinking jesus that’s not on. it bothered me all evening and then it’s been bothering me today.

i know i’m a very lucky girl, not everyone gets second chances and my second chance turned out to be a corker, however i thought we were living in a modern world. well my bubble was truly popped and reality flooded in.

now i’ve kind of built this up so i do hope you’re not disappointed. it was with regards to childcare and working mums.

now you all know that i am a mum and i work. i work full-time and oliver works full-time too. not everyone’s cup of tea but never mind.

so back to the conversation that shocked me. recently a colleague had returned to work from maternity. 3 days a week. she was asking me how ronnies first weeks at school had gone and what did i do when ronnie was sick and how were work about it if i needed to take time off. her little one had a nasty bout of sickness so her 3 days at work last week were pretty much written off. i said that oliver and i would work it out between the two of us and because i could work remotely we somehow have managed. and then she said it.

“yeah i don’t have that, as my husband refuses to take time off to look after him when he is sick so it’s just down to me”

refuses? what? refuses?

“what do you mean refuses?”

“well his opinion is that i chose to go back to work, so because i’m not at home with him and i’m working, which was my choice, if he is sick i need to take that time off work to look after him”

gob. smacked.


  1. September 26, 2012 / 23:50

    That is very odd, but doesn’t particularly surprise me. Plenty of men still living in the past, innit.

    • hpmcq
      September 27, 2012 / 08:14

      I think it’s just that I don’t know men like that. It really surprised me. I get it of our grandparents generation and perhaps a big chunk of our parents however my dad wasn’t the slightest like that. maybe I’ve just been blessed with having a certain type of men around me. as I said im a lucky girl.

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