instead of sharing the moment we found out that i/we were pregnant, i thought i’d share the moment my parents found out that their one and only was with child.

for as long as i can remember i’ve not really liked babies. amongst all my friends i was the one that was likely not to have a child any time in the near future.

i didnt like the look of them, i didn’t like the noises they made, i didn’t like the smells they made, i really didn’t understand people sniffing them and certainly i didn’t like holding them. to be honest that all pretty much still stands, if they belong to someone else, ronnie however COMPLETELY different story.

friends found it very peculiar when they went to hand over their new borns to me and i would flinch away, saying “no thanks really don’t need to hold him/her thanks can see just ok from here”. it really really wasn’t for me. just not interested.

so it took quite a few days to recover from the initial shock of the stunning news, (i was literally stunned into silence). silence is most unusual for me. i’m not the silent type. we trotted down to kings for the early dating scan. yep i was most definitely pregnant. more silence from me, quite scary & mad grinning from oliver.

we wondered home and decided even though i/we were just 7 weeks preggers, we would tell just our parents and then the rest of the world could follow when we were ready.

i picked up the phone and called home. home is 1801 miles away. it all started with very normal chit chat and then i couldn’t hold it any more , i couldn’t work out how to get it into normal conversation so i just blurted it out, and then it was there, out in the open.

hpmcq : “we’re having a baby”

grandad tony : “sorry?”

hpmcq : “we’re having a baby”

nanny leyla: “tony, what did she say?

grandad tony : “she said she’s having a baby?”

phone went dead

yep, that’s right, they had hung up

after years of believing that i wouldn’t have children, i mean all the signs said it very loud and clear, i confused them so much they just hung up! it took them whole 10 minutes to call back. real fly on the wall moment.

the phone rang, there was no hello, just straight into

grandad tony : “are you winding us up?”

hpmcq : “no we’re not, it’s true!”

phone went dead again!!!!!

poor old chaps they really din’t know what had hit them. they did phone back again and they were crying their little hearts out bless ’em

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