better photo project week five

and so enters week five of the better photo project, and it’s right up my ally too, the ally of mobile phone photography apps.

i’ve only just recently bought a real grown up camera. i ummed and argh’d long enough about it too. you see i carry round a lot of stuff with me on a daily basis and didn’t want to carry around anything else. me and my phone are always together and we want to be together forever!

it’s there it’s instant and it’s fabulous. what more could a girl want for? well actually apps. i am forever grateful for apps. i’m often asked which ones i use, and to be honest i use many different ones and often on the same photo.

i’ve tried many but the absolute keepers for me and my favourites are camera+ & snapseed, so incredibly versatile. however they may have a new rival. VSCOcam. i’ve only just recently discovered it and am slowly getting to know the app better. it has 10 great basic filters a bit along the lines of instagram however you can tweak these which is brilliant. instsgram should probably take note.

with this weeks prompt of mobile phones apps i thought that perhaps i would explore these basic filters with a shot i took yesterday from the balcony of a factory in kathmandu.

so here you go this is kathmandu as seen by VSCOcam. which one is your favourite? strangely enough mine is the original, go figure!


  1. February 1, 2014 / 18:26

    Whilst we’re walking our 15 miles on Wednesday I totally need to quizz you on mobile phone photo apps, filters etc.

  2. February 2, 2014 / 09:59

    Oooo I wish I didn’t have a poxy windows phone and could install that app – it looks fab! Are you back home yet?

    Muchos love and thanks for joining in! x

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