better photo project weeks one & two

now i missed week one of the better photo project. i didn’t mean to, i had been really looking forward to it and when annie over on love all blogs posted about it, i was immediately thinking about the outdoor light so much more. however life kinda got in the way and by the time i got around to taking a photo in natural light. the linky had closed *insert sad face*. so when week two went live, i thought i would play catch up and merge the two together, i do hope that’s ok annie? annie is that ok? is it ok annie? sorry went all michael jackson on you then, won’t happen again 😉

so week one was all about shooting things in natural light, and annie showed and talked about the benefits of taking something outside into the natural light to take a photo, even if your neighbours do think you are rather odd.

in week two annie is exploring the simple editing programme picmonkey. now i started using picmonkey a little while ago, when i bought my first grown up camera. i was nervous about editing real photos rather than snaps on my iphone, but as annie says it’s really super easy to navigate and use.

so here we go. i chosen something really normal and pretty mundane. a bowl of corks. we save any corks from bottles that are opened for special occasions. birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations and celebrations or even if it’s just a friday!

here are my corks shot out on the sleepers in our back garden. i took the shot on the macro setting, so that i could get a bit of a blur in the background and the natural morning light just shone it’s lovely self all over them. i have then cropped the shot and edited slightly in picmonkey in the exposure setting only. i tweaked the brightness, highlights, shadows and contrasts to make the corks pop out a tiny little bit more.


unedited corks




  1. January 13, 2014 / 14:03

    Ooo I am liking the difference! PicMonkeys photo edits sometimes get overlooked but they are pretty darn nifty!

    Thanks for joining in Vanessa!

    • January 13, 2014 / 14:22

      sorry i din’t get round to joining in last week and i hope you don’t mind the mash up!?

      great idea this better photos project, but then annie you are bursting with great ideas all the time x

  2. January 13, 2014 / 15:40

    Looking good – the second one really works well with the tweaks you’ve made.

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