camp bestival – saturday shenanigans

day 3 – saturday

after the shell shock of the friday, we were ready for action on saturday. well we were until we opened our eyes and we heard the rain beating down on the tent. we tentatively opened the front of the tent, and yep, it was absolutely and relentlessly pouring it down, by the bucket load and then a bit more. i won’t lie, i thought oh shit now what…

Mr HPMcQ desperately tried to cook breakfast behind our wind break with an umbrella balanced on top protecting him, but he wasn’t getting anywhere fast. i had a little sulk and then ventured out to the blue bell tent reception to charge my phone. the guy there promised me that by 11am it would all be blue skies and sunshine, yeah right i said and sloped off.

back to the tent and had a re-think about the days plans. we snuggled in bed for much longer than we probably should have but it was in it’s on way glorious.

then suddenly at 10am it stopped.

the rain stopped. the clouds rolled back and the sun appeared, i can not tell you the transforation that happened before our eyes. it was nothing short of a miracle. that man on reception was bloody right.

saturday was our blogger meet up day. Mr HPMcQ and ronnie had met a fair few of them before, a number of times actaully, and we’ve had a couple sleep over, many are very good friends indeed, but today we were going to meet a whole lot more. i was nervous for him but of course he took it in his stride. and ronnie? well he was desperate to see his buddy ozzy, not a day had passed in the past week with him saying we are seeing ozzy at the weekend aren’t we? #bromance

we met at the bollywood cocktail bar, and we drank pimms or maybe it was sangria? actually i think it might have been both! it was great seeing everyone, and everyone was a little surprised to see that i was getting along ok with this whole camping malarkey.

we sloped off for a little while and had a dance with some fun and games in the bollywood tent. it was big fish little fish. billed as london’s latest clubbing craze. a family friendly party for the post rave generation where the parents can dance away to loved tunes from days gone by with their children in hand. it was indeed brilliant.

once we were all danced and spun out we headed over to the the feast collective to drop in on the helen fromthe award winning the knackered mothers wine club, who was full flow in her wine tasting session. lots of familiar faces could be found. the first one below being one of my absolute favourite shots of the whole weekend. funny faces all around.

bruce had a little accident with a cork screw, but fear not Mr HPMcQ came to the rescue!

our partners in crime for the next few hours were indeed bruce and tanya aka mummy barrow. tanya introduced us to the marvel that was josie’s jam jar bar. a bar housed in a 60s decorated caravan i must add. these cocktails were dangerous, and even more so when we sat back and relaxed to amazing massages from a passing masseuse ! handy.

we did loose Mr HPMcQ for a while, found him back at the tent cooking tiddly rice a couple of hours later, but in the mean time ronnie took over on the hat wearing front and bruce kindly stepped in on the shoulder front!

after a spot of supper, we headed on out again to see de la soul headline. i don’t have any pictures to share i’m afraid as i was far too busy dancing!

and so we came to the end of saturday

disclaimer: we received family camp bestival 2014 tickets in return for previews and reviews of this year’s festival. we did however pay for our blue bell tent, because actual camping was not an option! either way, it goes without saying we will be honest and our views and opinions will be our own.


  1. August 16, 2014 / 15:33

    I was JUST about to say ‘thank goodness you didn’t use that photo’ and then I saw it!
    Love that shot of Ronnie and Ozzy to bits – tache bromance !

    • August 19, 2014 / 19:59

      MWAH HA HA HA HA HA seriously love that photo, happy to remove if it offends you too much 🙂

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