ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha get me being star pupil, don’t think i’ve EVER been called that so thank you for that helen. also i need to say thank you for the massive compliment that you have given me by saying that my daily snaps are amazing. WOW. just WOW. so i thank you again.

the reason i wait for each weeks task, is because i love taking my photos for my 365 but i am so keen to learn more. i just don’t seem to have the time to fit a course into my diary. however i am determined for this to change, so watch this space!

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*waves fist in the air* font overlays? photoshop? ooooo you’re a mean lady annie, mean i say, mean.

but i do love a challenge, so i’ll font you up and i’ll even go deep into the depths of photoshop for you. both give me the hibigeebies. that is love right there.

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playing catch up again, i don’t know where the time is going at the moment but man it is flying, when did march arrive?

week nine of the better photo project was all about planning. thinking ahead. i don’t do much of this. actually i don’t do it at all really, so that’s one hell of a task.

week ten as hosted by helen from actually mummy, is getting all technical on us and showing off her skills on working with the aperture settings on her DSLR.

right so plan and use the aperture setting. you little buggers annie and helen…

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look. that’s right look. what am i on about? well let me tell you. this week on the better photo project annie is talking about looking and finding inspiration by looking through other peoples blogs & tumblr accounts, which i can confirm i do lots & often. actually more time than i care to divulge! i also spend an incredible amount of time, verging on rude, gazing and drooling at delicious photography on pinterest & instagram too.  View Post

now black and white photography i am a fan of, indeed our hallway has well over 80 black and white photos of friends and family taking you from the ground floor to the first floor. but what is this? a black and white newspaper effect? oh yes a pic monkey photo effect which is fully introduced and explained just here in the better photo project week number seven.

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