366 29.11.12

as a family we are excellent at not wearing plain socks

366 28.11.12

it’s getting nippy out there

bring on the new school duffle coat

366 27.11.12

sugar for six years of marriage

250g each of fizzy cola bottles, foiled ice cups, fruit salads, kola kubes, liquorice comfits, rhubarb and custards & anglo bubbly’s

50 x flying saucers, 4 x double lollies, 4 x original drumsticks, 2 x packs of love hearts, 2 x packs of parma violets, 2 x sherbet fountains, 2 x strawberry space dust, 4 x super candy whistles, 2 x wham bars

random additions of 1 x pack of water bombs and 1 x whoopee cushion