you may or may not recall that at the end of last year we were invited to the launch of the sage fast slow pro, a pressure cooker and slow cooker all in one. if you don’t recall and you are vaguely interested you can read about it here. annnnnnyway we are a little in love with our fast slow pro so i thought that it was about time that i also started to share some of the things we’ve cooked in it.

so lets start with keema peas

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this week saw Mr HPMcQ get one year older and what a day it was!

ronnie and i decided to bake him a cake. we spied a snazzy piñata one on pinterest and thought we would go about making one ourselves.

for the cake it self i was after a chocolate sponge that was not dry, as i’ve not quite found one that i’m totally happy with. i was pointed in the direction of this chocolate fudge cake on the crazy kitchen blog. i modified it slightly to make three sponges for the piñata version.

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