getting our carve on

oh daddy did good today, he did very good. he came back from sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are of course available!) with a pumpkin! a pumpkin hurrah hurrah. ronnie was most excited, and before anyone could even say the word pumpkin, ronnie had whisked it off to the kitchen table ready for us to get our carve on.

ronnie and his pumpkin ready for a pimpkin

ronnie's pumpkin

pulling the pumpkins brains out, apparently?

pulling the pumpkins brains out

what’s inside? pumpkin guts… hmmmm what's inside?

tah dah, pumpkin number one completed. oh yes number one, ronnie wants to go back to get some more!finished pumpkin number one!

but until then we started to decorate the living room instead, whilst mr HPMcQ made a start on the pumpkin soup.halloween decorations

9 thoughts on “getting our carve on

    • we have more pumpkins today, i wonder if his enthusiasm will continue?!

      fingers crossed the storm isn’t as bad as anticipated and that everyone stays safe x

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