i’ve thought about you nearly every moment since i saw you yesterday. i have cried, i have laughed, i have felt anger, i have felt loss, i have felt sadness, i have smiled. my most favourite memory of us, is when we went to see bridget jones : the edge of reason, at the electric cinema on portobello road. not a film of choice, but one that just happened to be showing. it was a school night and we had already earned ourselves a reputation with Mr HPMcQ for our school night antics and it always involved a very wobbly way home. we got so very over excited at drinking wine in our arm chairs with our footstools and tubs of bangers and mash, that we barely noticed that there was a movie playing. not to worry though, it wasn’t a full house and we had no neighbours so nattered, giggled and randomly wondered what on earth was going on. when the film was over Mr HPMcQ had text to say he would meet us outside to pick me up and make sure you got to the tube safely. his face was a picture when he saw us leave the picture house. “blimey girls it the pictures!” he exclaimed and living true to form we were very wibbly wobbly, the bangers and mash hadn’t soaked up the two bottles of red we had consumed. it took us nearly an hour to walk you to the tube, a walk that should really only take fifteen minutes. we were far to busy with our giggles. and what a great giggler you are x



    • hpmcq
      April 2, 2013 / 21:00

      thank you anya, she is ace you would all love her, so much fun x

    • hpmcq
      April 3, 2013 / 21:50

      words don’t do this beautiful lady justice, she really is outstanding in every single way x

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