I spy with my little eye something beginning with… 15.02.12

mum of one has a nifty little game
a game we all know and love
i spy
the challenge is, she dishes out a letter each week and we then post a photo of something beginning with that given letter
today is the letter b
can you see what i see
see others on mum of ones linky
Mum of One


    • February 15, 2012 / 21:35


      a wet beaver at that *even more childish sniggering*

    • February 15, 2012 / 21:42

      pink oddy

      oh my that reminds me of the funniest conversation i once over heard. i was working at liberty many years ago and i used to sit behind the upholstery buyer, denise. me and this other chap nick, who was terrible at bringing out my naughty side were chatting by his desk, which was in front of denise’s when she said this to a supplier whilst flicking through a leather swatch book.
      “oh yes that would look nice in your brown beaver”
      well wetting of pants, snorting, crying all kinds of uncontrollable hysterics followed

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