i’ll show you mine

baby me and fashion has a meme, i’ll show you mine, if you show me yours is then your response

this week she is about bags, i have as many bags as i have shoes. so to narrow this down, i have chosen to show you today’s bags. yes bags. these are my monday to friday bags.

you see i exchanged a big bag that i used to fill with incredible amounts of crappola,for a small bag, which i can still fill with and incredible amount of crappola. i was a brownie, we can pack well.

i soon realised my school girl error and that my small bag doesn’t fit laptop, work files or lunch boxes. oh no, do i have to buy a new bag to accommodate these items? oh yes indeed. so now i have a small bag with essentials and shopper styly for workie stuff i don’t need when popping out to lunch blah di blah. and here they are. aren’t they glorious

this is dan. he is from mulberry. dan is great.

inside dan you will find…

a mulberry make-up bag, an oral kiely umbrella-ella, 4 pens, a memory stick, 3 hair pins, carmex lip balm, a comb, my passport, an emergency bus pass, antibacterial wipes and gel, an iPod but strangely no ear phones, leather gloves, comme de garçon purse, mulberry card holder, miu miu business card holder and usually my phone but i’m holding that taking the picture. you see i pack well.

this is lesley. she is from ally capelino. lesley is my friend

inside lesley you will find…

my snazzy mac book, 2 supplier catalogues from today’s trade fair, a note-book, ronnie’s hat, 2 more pens because 4 in the other bag might not be enough, a highlighter, a3 printouts from work, 2 colour cards for SS13 and a fabric swatch to re-upholster our ercol furniture.

so there you go, today’s bags. that’s a lot of crappola on a daily basis. what does yours look like and what you got in it? let’s have a peak.


  1. January 26, 2012 / 23:30

    I like it! And I love someone who has multiple bags.. as I do! My maiden name was Baggley and I’ve always joked that it’s the reason I have so many bags.
    Thank you so much for joining in. You have fantastic taste!

    • January 27, 2012 / 07:01


      Love the Baggley excuse not sure what mine is though!

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