listography – my 5 favourite biscuits

only 5?

that’s tough

1. marks & spencers chocolately rounds

chocolately rounds

heavens above whoever made these was a true genius. dark, milk or white don’t give a fudge all flippin gorgeous beyond belief!!!

2. shortbread

a classic and has fond memories of my dad

3. tunnocks tea cakes

you can never say no to these little beauties, is it a cake nah not really

4. rich tea finger

ok so with these i have a confession and i also show my common side, as often i sneak in a little butter and make a rich tea finger sandwich

5. plain chocolate digestive

dunked in a cup of tea perfecto

now to finish this biscuity post off, i thought i would treat you all to a spot of buttery biscuit base, enjoy!!!

have a look at others on kate takes 5 click on the link below


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