oooo arghhhh jim lad

so motherhood wasn’t a planned thing, it sort of just came along, kinda just happened. i was speechless for days, my husband however was grinning like the proverbial cheshire cat. then i had to call my new employers who had waited 3 months for me to complete my notice period for then me to rock up and say “hi, i’m here and i’m up the duff!” whoo hoo lets celebrate wasn’t really the reaction i was expecting but what i did get was an unexpected “oh well shit happens”

anyhow i’m waffling

so today i collected my son from nursery and on our way home he made a request “mummy pizza express?” well knowing full well that my husband is working late this evening i quickly obliged to this 2 years olds request.

what joy, no cooking, no cleaning or washing up and some lovely company for dinner, with a sneaky peroni!

an hour or so later we head home with our bellies full.

but what does mummy have hiding in the back of the car? oh my lord it’s only quite possibly the largest potato head you will ever see in your life! not only that, but inside are four more potato heads yes four, 2 normal sized and two babies and to top it all off  there only all god damn pirates too!!! could a mummy score anymore brownie points in one evening??? errr i think not! BINGO & BA BA BOOM

what fun, what joy and how blooming brilliant fun is this parenting lark. seriously why had no one ever told me what a fantastic excuse to have such fun was about to come my way who the hell needs parties and rock ‘n’ roll when you have a ronnie rockstar to rock out with!!