so i took the plunge and bought my ticket back in february, it was nerve-wracking just buying the ticket. i very nearly didn’t. i blogged about it just here.

the lovely claire louise over at a boy with aspergers started this great little meme, as a way that all us new bloggers can introduce ourselves. sorry for taking my time to get round to it. all i had to do was list the rules, answer some questions and link it back, shouldn’t have taken me long, but it did. SORRY, please forgive me

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wow wow WOW

so today i popped into town and whilst out and about, i got a tweet from @notsoslummy

“see both you, hotties made it on the britmums shortlist for the awards thingywotsit :-)”

what? what? WHAT!!!!!!!

true to her words, there i was, i really really was

would you adam and eve it, HPMcQ shortlisted for the snap category


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i started this blog back in march last year. i was inspired by a friend who was dabbling in the blogging world, however i wasn’t very confident with it all and only published a post every now and then and certainly didn’t tell anyone about it.

something changed in november and i decided to go for it a bit more and i publicity published my first real post to the big wide bloggasphere. it was nerve wracking. it still is.

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