NEWSFLASH! i had a day off work on monday, and it was glorious. it was also our 7th wedding anniversary but mr HPMcQ has a brand new contract to be working on so we celebrated the day before at the tower of london and barbecoa. however this day i spent getting some top christmas tips and eating a lovely lunch with good friends at the britmums xmas do with morrisons, and what a lovely time we all had.

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dear all

it is less than 48 hours until we all gather at britmums 2012. there has been overwhelming discussion about what to outfits to wear. will it be sunny or rainy? should you wear heels or flats? are you sprucing up for the bibs or just going with the flow?

anyway after much deliberation we have come to a decision. i take great pleasure in revealing that for britmums you will easily be able to identify the following outstanding bloggers by our very unique and understated and sophicated ensemble.

in no particular order may i introduce @motherventing @notsoslummy @fivegoblogging @mummybarrow @melkshammum and myself @HPMcQ


so i took the plunge and bought my ticket back in february, it was nerve-wracking just buying the ticket. i very nearly didn’t. i blogged about it just here.

the lovely claire louise over at a boy with aspergers started this great little meme, as a way that all us new bloggers can introduce ourselves. sorry for taking my time to get round to it. all i had to do was list the rules, answer some questions and link it back, shouldn’t have taken me long, but it did. SORRY, please forgive me

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wow wow WOW

so today i popped into town and whilst out and about, i got a tweet from @notsoslummy

“see both you, hotties made it on the britmums shortlist for the awards thingywotsit :-)”

what? what? WHAT!!!!!!!

true to her words, there i was, i really really was

would you adam and eve it, HPMcQ shortlisted for the snap category


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so i’ve taken the plunge and bought my ticket. eeeeekkkkk. its taken me a while, i know, but so many other bloggers and tweeters have been chatting away about britmums live for such a long time and with such enthusiasm, and i’ve really wanted to say “can i come too?” but for some strange reason, i just haven’t had the nerve. why is that?

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