we got a new play thing for christmas

we are getting really quite good at the drawing and colouring


i’ve seen this guy before

with his note book scribbling things down in the morning

thought he might work in the building trade

thought he might be a foreman writing down his to do list

today i stood next to him

none of the above he was happily doodling away his commute


so imagine you are 5, very very nearly 6, what in the world is your most favourite thing other than lego and cake? oh yeah, you got it right there, stickers. stickers are always a sure winner whether they be football, lego, aliens, cars, dinosaurs as long as they stick to something pretty much anything goes!

so when we received an email asking us whether we would like to review a new venture called the sticker club clearly our answer was always going to be YES!

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ronnie likes art and crafty stuff. he churns an incredible amount out on a daily basis. everynight i empty his book bag from school to find bits of paper, card & boxes all drawn on, stuck together with tape and generally been ronnie’d!

this is tonights booty. todays daily exhibit. my house isn’t big enough for all of us!

daily exhibit