ive been overruled. ronnie had his hair cut for school today. there’s a ridiculous rule in the school handbook that boy’s hair must not be long and should always be worn above the collar. what blooming age are we living in? how antiquated is that? fools. fools i say. for this daft ruling has meant that i have had my gorgeous ronnies hair cut. something that hurts me so much. ronnie has beautiful hair. hair that often gets him called a girl i admit that, but only because people are daft and obviously were involved in writing the stupid rule book for the school. clearly if a boy’s hair is even a fraction longer than his collar his learning ability will be hugely impaired. however girls… do what you fancy. sexist surely? anyhow it’s done. it pained me beyond belief but it’s done. i wanted to rock up on the first day and just see what they had to say. it’s not outrageously long. it’s just not short. i have made it my challenge to get this rule changed. what this space board of governors here i come!!

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