you may or may not remember the sterling work that annie from mammasaurus, tanya from mummy barrow and penny from a residence did last year raising money for comic relief as #teamhonk as part of the 25th anniversary fund raising spectacular. they travelled to africa and live blogged & vlogged about their experience and sharing the work that comic relief carries out to help the communities in ghana. if you want to refresh your memory or read their story you can find it here and here.

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school children in africa

“these are children from a school on the edge of a slum. origionally a wooden hut teaching 25 children it’s now been extended, built with blocks and teaches 250! these little ones followed us around as they really wanted their photo taken so that they could see themselves in the preview screen!”

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today in ghana, the most wonderful ladies will be hitting the town. well actually no, not the town but four projects which have the support of comic relief. did you know that the very first red nose day took place an unbelievable 25 years ago tomorrow and to mark this spectacular occasion and the 600m raised, comic relief would like to celebrate the progress in africa and the difference that has been made by the money raised by the british public.

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dear all

it is less than 48 hours until we all gather at britmums 2012. there has been overwhelming discussion about what to outfits to wear. will it be sunny or rainy? should you wear heels or flats? are you sprucing up for the bibs or just going with the flow?

anyway after much deliberation we have come to a decision. i take great pleasure in revealing that for britmums you will easily be able to identify the following outstanding bloggers by our very unique and understated and sophicated ensemble.

in no particular order may i introduce @motherventing @notsoslummy @fivegoblogging @mummybarrow @melkshammum and myself @HPMcQ