a tale of two sisters

it’s a glorious sunday. we have all had a lazy morning, nice long sleeps, lolloping around in jim jams drinking tea and then a spectacular fry up to ease the grown ups slightly banging heads.

the smalls grab their coats and shuffle on their wellies over their jammas and dash out into the garden with cracker the lemon beagle pup. they bound around with complete giddiness. they settle on the decking, sitting along the front swinging their little legs. the still sun light hangs in the air as their giggles fade away.

out of nowhere the silence is broken. what is that? molly looks at ronnie and ronnie at molly then they both look at grace. grace is whaling, slightly hysterical flapping arms and kicking her heels. a noise half way between crying and squawking like a parakeet. molly and ronnie look confused nothing had occurred. nothing.

molly is clearly the concerned sister and leans towards grace and very calmly says “grace if you are going to do that, can you go and do it somewhere else?” now that’s sisterly love.


  1. February 27, 2012 / 10:53

    This made me laugh so much, the joy of sisterly love hey?!

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