whats wrong with cuddle?

so there we were, sainsburys

not a hugely busy sainburys, but none the less busy

however we were busy, very busy getting our din dins in

ronnie : peppers mummy, peppers

hpmcq : ok rooster, we can have some peppers

ronnie : cucumber mummy

hpmcq : yep let’s get a cucumber too, what else would you like for dinner ronnie?

ronnie : fish

hpmcq : ok, why don’t we go and get some tuna

ronnie : mummy

hpmcq : yes darling

ronnie : squash me with your boobies

hpmcq with red face swiftly picking up toddler : i think the words you’re looking for ronnie are can i have a cuddle mummy?

ronnie : yes mummy, you squash me with your boobies


  1. March 25, 2012 / 20:31

    Hahaha… ethan has told me that my boobs belong to him.. boys and boobs.. *sigh*

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