am i always going in the opposite direction?

so here i am, my first day in delhi out of 6. it’s a familiar place for me. i have been travelling to delhi, twice or trice a year for around 10 years now. much has changed over the years and the city has grown at a rather ridiculous pace and it is very different to the early days of my travelling experiences. i love it and hate it. the mix had always been slightly heavier weighted toward the love of it but in recent years that has been changing to more to hatred of it each time i return.

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what’s on your mp3?

seaside in the city  has in her own words shamelessly stolen this from the Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1. but like she says it’s a bit of silliness and that i like, so therefore i will join in, it is friday so what the heck!

this is the plan:

put your mp3 player onto shuffle and then list the first 5 songs it plays. do not cheat

then tag some people if you fancy or just join in like i have, hope you enjoy

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ronnie and i went to the book shop

over christmas ronnie really started to love the gruffalo. all slightly engineered by me as i had booked tickets to see the theatre show, as an in between christmas and new year family treat. so in preparation we watched the gruffalo and the gruffalo’s child. he loved them. we had to watch them a fair few times. “more grufflao mummy more!”

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