away from home

this second week of the new year is the week out of the whole year that i dread the most. i don’t think i’m alone, i’m pretty sure anyone that does my job, in roughly the same product area who also has a family and small children must all feel the same. every time i travel on business i can’t wait to get back. i’m ok once i’m here/there/wherever and I’m in the detail of what i do and cracking on with it, it’s the lack of contact with my boys.

this particular trip is this worst for some reason. you’ve just been through the intense time of christmas and new year, spending time with each other, eating too much great food, playing with new presents, going for walks, eating more extreme levels of food, watching crap movies and snuggling on the sofa.

then suddenly bam back to work and i’m on a plane to frankfurt for 3 nights and 3 days, in the cold, traipsing round a trade show that has zero personality. joy. all in the hope you might just find something new and fecking exciting.

i can’t bear it here. this is definitely on the dislike list of my job. i don’t want to be here, i want to be at home. i want to be picking ronnie up from nursery and hearing him exclaim mummy as i walk through the door and then throws himself in my arms. i want to be singing in the car on the way home about how the mummy’s on the bus talk shoes and coats. i want to be snuggling under the blanket on the sofa. i want to be running up the stairs at bath time chasing ronnie being the mummy monster. i want to be trying really really hard to find him when actually he’s only covering his eyes and he is giggling madly. i want oliver to bring me a cup of tea in bed. i want my own bed. i want oliver to moan that there’s a trail of my clothes from the day across the bedroom. i want oliver to moan that i’m not out of bed yet and that i’m going to be late. i want my packed lunch that oliver makes me everyday.

bascially i don’t want to be here i want to be there. home is what i want.

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