back seat conversation

ronnie : when i grow up mummy i won’t live at * ****** ***** anymore

HPMcQ : won’t you? why not?

ronnie : because i will get a job and buy a house of my own

HPMcQ : wow that’s exciting ronnie, what job will you do?

ronnie : i don’t know but does ariela have boobies?

HPMcQ : ariela? who is ariela?

ronnie : she’s in tree fu tom, is she a mummy? mummies have boobies. when i have my house you and daddy can live on your own. amy’s mummy is a doctor. actually she’s a dentist.

the end




  1. September 24, 2012 / 20:09

    Heh heh – far too cute. But he does have a point – does ariela have boobies?

    • hpmcq
      September 24, 2012 / 20:13

      such randomness in such quick succession, has kitty been like this since she started school? on the ariela front isn’t she a butterfly? not sure butterflies have boobies but i’m pretty sure that very rare mammasaurus do!

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