after taking nanny minnie her shopping today, i quickly popped over to a shop on columbia road to investigate a potential shopping opportunity!

however i became quite distracted by the doors, particularly their knockers! you see i have mostly visited columbia road on a sunday when the flower market is in full bloom, and it is heaving. you don’t get to really see the doors, let alone their knockers :)

so pretty and so very different from one another. i hope you enjoy as much as i did.

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the colours of autumn – dulwich park

a beautiful autumn day today. clear, bright and full of colour.

i stopped on my way to pick up rooster at dulwich park to drink it all in

a walk in the park

before it all fades away and falls to the ground

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a devon weekend get away

last weekend already seems such a long time ago. i miss last weekend already. you see i had kindly been invited by holiday to stay for a weekend in one of their converted barns in bradworthy in north devon. the added bonus was that 13 other bloggers had also been invited so much fun was indeed to be had.

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a huge, award-winning forest of family fun and outdoor adventure they said. full of  tree houses, zip wires, jungle bridges, crocklebogs (query?), twiggles and boggles (more query?), storytelling, boat trips, and marsh walks too yeah yeah yeah.

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bressingham steam and gardens – gardens

there were far too many pictures from one post about bressingham steam and gardens, so this is part two, the first part being here. in this post i am showing you just a handful of the glorious plants and flowers within the gardens of bressingham.  these photos do not do it justice at all. the gardens are truly glorious., and if it hadn’t started raining we could have spent hours here wandering amongst the stunning vibrant layers of colour.

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