hiding in the trees

we went on an adventure amongst the trees, we weren’t expecting dinosaurs!

ok ok maybe we were

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holkham hall

the home of the earl and countess of leicester. a palladian hall conceived by thomas coke in 1750. holkham is privately owned and the coke family have lived in the estate since the hall was built by their ancestor.

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camp bestival goes wild!

so last year the HPMcQ’s popped their camping cherries. many of you might say “that wasn’t camping!” but i don’t care, that was as good as it gets for me and we had a ball, actually we had a spectacularly marvellous time. you can read about this years adventures here. but would we do it again i hear you say?



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the stick man – review

sitck man lives in the family tree

with his stick lady love

and their stick children three…

an intro to a book we have read many many times, and am pretty confident we will read many many times more still. julia donaldson and axel scheffler created this master piece, you may recognise their names from the gruffalo stories too. however this is not a review of the book, oh no, this is for the live show that has been very cleverly adapted from the book by the rather clever and wonderful people from the award wining scamp theatre.

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ightham mote

a couple of weekends ago, (actually more than a couple, been a bit busy) we were invited by Mr HPMcQs lovely aunt for some lunch and then a very personal tour around ightham mote where she is a guide. such a beautiful place and wonderful place to work. the perfect sunday afternoon.

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sunday selection

on sunday we made our second attempt to go east, we were somewhat hindered by idiot football fans on the saturday. annnnnyway. we made it. we had a couple of places to get to and on the way we took ronnie round some of the streets of shoreditch to take in some street art. as usual i snapped away, but this time ronnie has picked his favourites of the morning.

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