here in casa HPMcQ we have been quite poorly for nearly a week now. through the horrendous days that have passed and hopefully now gone *touches wood* there has been one thing that has always made it better. one thing, that no matter how shattered or how sick you feel, no matter how much all the bones in your body ache, this one thing just takes it all away, even if it is momentarily.


ronnnie gives the most wonderful cuddles, cuddles that never in my life do i ever remember having had before. cuddles where he just couldn’t possibly get any closer to you. cuddles where his body fits snuggly and perfectly into mine. cuddles where he pats my face, rubs my nose, kisses my forehead, stares me straight in the eyes with his huge brown eyes and then gives me a slight squeeze. exactly the same way i do to him. the comfort that this gives is tremendous, overwhelming and is love right there in that squeeze. it is what has brought me through the last week.

but then i get sad. ronnie is four. and then soon he will be five and then six, as he grows into an even bigger boy, a teen and then a man, at some point these cuddles will stop. i don’t want them to stop but i know now that they will. so now is the time to make the most of these heart melting cuddles and squeezes, steal them all away before they take themselves away, and to say thank you.

thank you ronnie, your cuddles make me feel more wonderful than you could ever imagine.

i love you

love you


  1. March 13, 2013 / 11:46

    aah this is lovely. love me a good squeeeeeze with my bois. my ten year old still asks for cuddles in bed at the end of the day. i tell him every night to never stop asking for these xx

    • hpmcq
      March 24, 2013 / 09:35

      10 and still cuddling oh that has made me smile as it means i have more years ahead than have passed to keep those cuddles going!

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