less than 6 months to go

my good lord above in 6 months time

ronnie will be going to school

no longer my baby, my toddler, my pre-schooler

this will make him a really big boy

i imagine it will see oliver and i reduced to tears

all dressed up in his grey shorts and purple blazer

where on earth have the last 3 and a half years gone

first there was a tiny little baby

and 35 hours of labour

then came the sleepless nights

tendless feeding and nappy changing

countless poo-mergencies

where everything was literally covered in shite

upchucking into my bra, poohing in my lap

and peeing on his own face

sleeping all the way through the night

giving mummy and daddy some nap time

there were ambulances

swine flu, croup and a harrowing fall down the stairs

a sudden appearance in the kitchen when we thought he couldn’t move

his first words

his first haircut

his first steps, his first pair of converse

his first christmas

our first family holiday

shamelessly flirting with all the air hostesses

swimming in the sea and digging in the black sand

falling off his scooter

to the mastering the brake and turning the corner

using the grown up toilet and those tiny little pants

out of the cot and into his big boy bed

and the first time he said night mummy i love you


  1. March 30, 2012 / 09:14

    That’s such a lovely and tender post, I love looking back at all the things they’ve learnt how to do in the short time that they’ve learnt to be alive. Amazing.

  2. knittymummy
    March 30, 2012 / 18:11

    lovely post. My eldest will be going to school in 6 months too, but I don’t think the full reality of that has dawned on me yet

    • April 1, 2012 / 08:36

      first day is going to be so emotional and then before i know it i’ll be at his graduation!

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