time for change, time to move on

wow, so ronnie is nearly four. FOUR I SAY. which means he is a big boy, a big boy who is off to pre-school in just a little over three weeks time.

earlier in the week i had a moment when his school shoes arrived. today the moment was even bigger as we went to buy the rest of his uniform. his first school uniform. too cute for words. most of it is enormous, as age 4 clothes are huge on ronnie, (the shorts he is wearing today are age 1 1/2 – 2) he is a weeny chap. not so much in height but not an ounce of fat on him, just like his daddy, mr HPMcQ. he was fairly good in the school outfitters, a little overwhelmed by it all, as were we when we got our bill! they have aprons to eat their lunch so they don’t soil (god i love that word) their uniforms!

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who made me the way i am

this subject seems to keeping popping its little head up a lot recently with friends, family and workies. today a very old (not old in age, but time) friend of mine, one from primary school, emailed me to ask if i remembered mrs lang one of our primary school teachers. of course i do she was probably one of the first people in my life outside of family to make such a huge impact in the way i was going to grow up and be. so i thought i would take some time to reflect on who in my life has made me the way i am, just so you know.

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