a younger me. yes that’s right i too was young once. don’t feel it or look it anymore but yes this was the case many many a moon ago. the picture i have chosen is one of me taken by my father in greenwich park, london, when i was 5. we had not long moved to england from spain, and were living in the eastend of london town. weekends were often an escape and this is taken on one of those weekends.

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three generations

a solider, a farmer

a sailor, a tailor

a carpenter, a musician

a quantity surveyor, a bowler

a creative, a runner

a father

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i don’t photograph well

which in fairness isn’t a great shame

not much to photograph really

i always blink


this is no lie

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a friend of mine is very poorly, very poorly indeed

she won’t be with us for much longer

right now togetherness is the most important thing to all of us

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my boys mean the world to me

there is nothing i wouldn’t do for them

there is no-one i wouldn’t fight for them

they are simply the best boys in town

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