a younger me

a younger me. yes that’s right i too was young once. don’t feel it or look it anymore but yes this was the case many many a moon ago. the picture i have chosen is one of me taken by my father in greenwich park, london, when i was 5. we had not long moved to england from spain, and were living in the eastend of london town. weekends were often an escape and this is taken on one of those weekends.

my mother has a thing for ribbons, and even now at the end of her plait or the base of her ponytail she will have a velvet ribbon, and sure enough here i am with a coordinating ribbon in my hair too. my dress was handmade by my great-aunt lil, who lived on columbia road, and was a bit nifty with a sewing machine. my mum would by fabrics and patterns from the haberdashery departments of john lewis and liberty and lil would gladly make these up for me. i had a wardrobe full of double layered dresses all with lace trim. i even had a rag doll, which nannie minnie and poppa had made for me from covent garden market, she also had long dark plaited hair, green eyes and was the same size as me here. she too would wear my dresses.

not to fool you completely into thinking that i was a girly girl, that i was not, i’m guessing that you have spotted the football under my arm? oh yes, i might have looked every bit like a girl, but i most certainly played like a boy!

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    • November 15, 2013 / 21:17

      ha ha that didn’t last long, the cuteness that is 🙂

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