tiger tiger

so a few weeks back it was oliver’s birthday. he’s a keen foodie and loves trying out new stuff and really does all the cooking in the house. so for his birthday i settled on a bit of a jamie oliver theme. oliver had attended westminster college with jamie but bowed out after jut 6 months as cubing a whole venison really didn’t shake his bones. i bought him a subscription to jamie’s magazine which is wonderfully put together, we went for some rather lovely grub at the newly opened barbecoa, with breathtaking views of st pauls cathedral

i also booked 3 back to back cooking lessons at jamie’s recipease in clapham junction, pork belly, rack of lamb and american style chilli. the genius part is they help you prep it all they have one they prepared earlier for you to taste then you go home with grub ready to bang in the oven and feed your family!

anyway i have now gone completely off track as you can see i have not spoken once about a tiger or two but to cut a very long story short ronnie and i got bored whilst daddio was off having a cook fest yesterday so we painted our faces rrrrrrraaaaaaaaRRRRRR

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