ronnie is asking about brothers again. he wants one. he ain’t getting one. which i have informed in the subtle way of no, nope, never, ever. ronnie has therefore reverted to peanut up the t-shirt from a couple of months ago as his baby. i’ve decided to let him just get on with that.

however, today when i rocked up at pre-school to collect him, there were mysterious glances coming towards me from both other parents and the carers. i looked at michael one of the carers and said “what?” and he just nodded in the direction of role play area.

sitting just by the kitchen was ronnie and matthew. ronnie was dressed in a full lilac fairy outfit, with a baby doll squashed down the front as a baby.

hpmcq : what you doing ronnie?

ronnie : i’m the mummy, this is my baby *points at tummy*

matthew : and i’m the daddy

so that’s how they role


    • March 15, 2012 / 22:18

      what i found more amusing were the other parents who looked slightly concerned whereas i thought it was funny, jesus it’s a frock for god’s sake, he is going to do worse!

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