unicorn school

“mummy, am i going to big school today?”

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES today ronnie you are indeed going to big school!

finally today is the day that ronnie goes to big school no more questions on hourly intervals on when this occasion will be happening, because today it happened. *enter fanfare and trumpets blow*

and it all went rather smoothly. we got up, we all had breakfast together. ronnie looked happy as larry in his new school uniform and mr HPMcQ and i were proud as punch to see him in it.

as we walked down the road towards ronnie new school ronnie exclaimed “mummy am i going to a unicorn school?” trying not to look too confused at this i asked why did he think that “it has a horn at the top just like a unicorn” oh bless the little monkey, the school is a converted church and he was pointing straight up in the sky to the spire. the unicorn school. genius.

as we opened the gates the tension grew, we were here, at school, ronnies school. we were escorted through to his class and introduced to miss barry, miss barry, ronnies first  ever teacher, hello miss barry. we put his kit bag on his peg, together with his blazer. put his apples in the snack box and his book bag in the crate. so there we were time to say goodbye. was this going to be hideous? was ronnie going to be anxious that he knew not a single a soul? was he going to stuck to my leg not wanting me to leave? was he going to cry? nope. “bye mummy, bye daddy” and off he ran to play with the cars.

so that’s that, ronnie is at school job done.


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