you don’t have to take your pants off to have a good time no no

right so one friend having a panic over dummies and bottles – check – top tip given

another one now having a panic about whipping off that stinky nappy at night-time – check – top tip below to care to share

i was given this top tip by my husband’s colleague and what blooming good tip it was and bloody hell it worked.

did you dream feed?

well this is dream peeing!

genius seriously fantastic. potty in the room works best for this for minimal disruption. (i would really recommend the hoppop donut potty, as the potty bit lifts out and you can put the bowl in the bowl of your toilet tip and then flush it all out and wash it all clean without any mess, looks pretty cool too. great brand)

do the whole pee before going to bed stuff as normal, then sneak in about 11ish pick small up from bed, pull down jammas or pull up nightie. hold them close and plonk gently on potty. keep them close and snuggled in the whole time, and then as if by magic they just wee. just like that, in their sleep. jammas up, nightie down and then lay them back into bed and sneak back out. not aware what so ever of what just happened.

not one wet night.

ronnie also has a toad stall night-light which we have tought him to turn on. so if he does wake of his own accord in the night and needs a wee, he just gets himself up, turns it on, has a pee and jumps back into bed. so no more interrupted nights. luberly juberly. job done.


  1. December 19, 2011 / 22:29

    This is exactly what we did – works a treat – great minds ey 😉 Love that light!

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