fondest festive childhood memory

one christmas my parents spent quite a lot of the morning being quite concerned that i hadn’t gone to the toilet. it was pretty much beyond a joke. i mean it’s very well-known fact that i don’t go to the toilet much, i have a bit of an issue with toilets you see, oh and toilet rolls, and it’s got worse with age and the travelling i do for work. however, that’s another post all together. so back to christmas day and back to my parents whom are pretty much banging on at me at every opportune moment.

you still haven’t been sweetie?

don’t you think you should go soon?

i mean seriously annoying me. finally i relented, clearly not taking the hint what so ever and trotted of to the downstairs toilet.

i opened the door to find…… a raleigh boxer push bike!

i was seriously chuffed, so chuffed i nearly pissed myself, oh the irony. you see i hadn’t expected it in the slightest, and it was wonderful. it wasn’t a girly bike in pink with sparkly shit, bells, tassels and all that kind of junk on it. it was a boxer. a rough and tumble bike for me to bomb around on. absolutely excellent, even now as i typing it’s making me smile, i loved that bike so much, what fun times we had. thank you mammasaurus for the prompt of this memory.


  1. December 20, 2011 / 22:23

    How cool is that!? That’s such a great memory to have! And with sparkly shizzle on too!
    I want one now!
    I once had a mountain bike for Xmas… but it got nicked 3 weeks later. Poor show I say!

  2. December 21, 2011 / 15:58

    oooh, what a fab memory!!!! I was desperate for a BMX…..I nearly wet my knickers when I saw it!!!

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