crafty christmas – snowmen paper plate bunting

yay it’s december! if your household has a 6-year-old like ours, then you have probably been on count down since halloween. how many days mummy?

so we have buckled, and the tree has gone up and the christmas craft has begun!

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fresh flower workshop

with a flurry of 40th birthdays winging their way from all directions, trying to find special individual gifts for your besties can be a tall order. i’ve known claudine for 22 years now and in 22 years you’ve pretty much covered every gift known to mankind. what was i going to get her?  not a scooby. until i spotted a tweet

and there you have it, bingo.

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getting in our halloween groove

so yesterday our halloween prep started, when mr HPMcQ brought home a pumpkin. we got our carve on. however this just wetted ronnie’s appetite for more halloween preparations and he wanted even more pumpkins, so when he’d gone to bed i popped out and snuck two more into the living room, ready as a surprise in the morning.

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getting our carve on

oh daddy did good today, he did very good. he came back from sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are of course available!) with a pumpkin! a pumpkin hurrah hurrah. ronnie was most excited, and before anyone could even say the word pumpkin, ronnie had whisked it off to the kitchen table ready for us to get our carve on.

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halloween nyc stylee

halloween hasn’t ever really been a big deal for me, not as an adult anyhow. maybe a few parties here or there when i was little, but i think it was just an excuse to get dressed up! ronnie however is really getting into at the moment. he really wants to go trick or treating but not sure how i feel about that really? i’ve gathered some ideas together, i’ve brought back some treats from the states and we will decorate, and carve out pumpkins and paint faces. however this seems a little lame in comparison to the american approach to halloween. this is big big party time for them and with halloween just a week away the preparations have already begun. i hadn’t really expected it to be as ready as i found this week. houses already in full dress, pumpkins ladened doorsteps and tree hugging witches. this is clearly a city that likes to celebrate the ghoul!

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fondest festive childhood memory

one christmas my parents spent quite a lot of the morning being quite concerned that i hadn’t gone to the toilet. it was pretty much beyond a joke. i mean it’s very well-known fact that i don’t go to the toilet much, i have a bit of an issue with toilets you see, oh and toilet rolls, and it’s got worse with age and the travelling i do for work. however, that’s another post all together. so back to christmas day and back to my parents whom are pretty much banging on at me at every opportune moment.

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mammasaurus’ festive ho ho ho

for anyone who is unaware who mammasaurus is, here is a brief introduction in her own words

RAWR I’m mammasaurus ! actually I’m really annie, mother of 8, wife of 1, lover of gin… I write stuff, I draw stuff. sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s nonsense and on the odd occasion it’s sad and thought-provoking – but if I had to sum it up in word that word would be ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’. make of that what you will.

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brit mums kodak christmas challenge

so christmas december arrived and i made some stars. i posted one star on twitter and all hell broke loose. i want to make those! so many cried, so i thought i’d care to share and put together a step by step guide on how to make these stunning but easy peasey stars. then mammasaurus pointed me in the direction of a brit mum kodak competition that is currently running and thought i should join in the fun. well nothing like a challenge to keep those grey cells going i thought. Continue reading