spotted a chat topic on mums net this evening that was about teapot porn

i get that

 i like tea

 i like teapots

 i most definitely like tea cosys

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over christmas ronnie really started to love the gruffalo. all slightly engineered by me as i had booked tickets to see the theatre show, as an in between christmas and new year family treat. so in preparation we watched the gruffalo and the gruffalo’s child. he loved them. we had to watch them a fair few times. “more grufflao mummy more!”

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today i was introduced to the ace cafe. why has it taken for me to get to 30 something and a little more something, years of age and only to have just discovered it.

it’s ace!

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now, i have been a fan of tea for a long long time. from the very first cup in the morning, to a cheeky cup in the afternoon with a naughty bit of something on the side to help it all go down just nicely.

i’m not a fussy girl, good old builders is fine. splash of milk no sugar, thank you very much.

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