everything stops for tea

now, i have been a fan of tea for a long long time. from the very first cup in the morning, to a cheeky cup in the afternoon with a naughty bit of something on the side to help it all go down just nicely.

i’m not a fussy girl, good old builders is fine. splash of milk no sugar, thank you very much.

tea in a teapot really is the only way, but when it’s tea for one at home …. well yes the mug does come out.  i know almost blasphemy i know but sometimes a girl just needs a cup of tea and she needs it quickly!

last year friends of ours decided to open a new business. the teapot. i was lucky enough to work with them in getting this project of the ground. budget was tight and i was in charge of interiors my husband, oliver, in charge of branding . i am delighted to say it opened with huge success, and within the first year of trading they have won best new comer in the living south restaurant awards.

during my task of sourcing furniture and decorative items for the teapot (which included bidding for 80 something teaspoons on ebay to make a very individual picture ) i have become even more obsessed with anything tea.

enter the fabulous everythingstopsfortea.com web site which really is the most magnificent find and full of such beauties i thought i should share.

i have posted below a photo showing a tiny selection of wonderment from their site, but don’t expect them to be hanging around for long the visa card is sitting just beside me!!!

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