as a girl, everything my parents did i pretty much did with them. where they went, i went. we were a very strong unit, me, my mum and my dad. just the three of us. it was pretty damn perfect. they both worked full-time and worked hard too. weekends and holiday times were precious to us and we took full advantage of every moment. this is something that as a family of three ourselves, where we too both work full-time and very hard, we strongly embrace this too. having the opportunity to get away, revives our souls, charge our batteries. it’s a time for us to kick back, relax and take it easy.  for us to spend those precious moments together. the three of us. me, mr HPMcQ and ronnie rockstar.

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as we entered the last week of the summer holidays, i was finally bullied, yes bullied (you know who you are) into buying an actual proper camera. it was scary stuff you know. everything so far has just been snapped on my iPhone. i feel comfortable with it and it’s with me everywhere i go. to buy a camera was quite a big deal for me, and then what to buy?! after weeks of umming and ahhing i decided on a compact system camera. much much more than a point and shoot but not as bulky as a dslr. anything too big and i feared i would spend a massive amount of money for something i simply wouldn’t carry around, so it had to be neat and fit in my bag. so that was that, the perfect camera for me. but now what? a grown up proper camera, what on earth do i do now? best way to learn? i was told the same thing by several people, to charge it up and go on an adventure. so that’s what we did.

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back to the beach. this time with daddy

we took the beach by storm, and we built a sand kingdom

sand kingdom

on new years eve the weather was not much short of hideous

we drove to the seaside, walked a long way down to the beach

(to then discover a car park right by the beach, doh)

we got soaked to our bones, and why?

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