i think ronnie might be in love

seriously, he is acting all odd like

when we were on holiday, actually scrap that, when we were on our way home from holiday we met a rather lovely family at the airport. we met over by the noddy car. we were very early and trying to cut through some time but had run out of euros for noddy. a lady and her daughter had joined us and the girl was riding the … oooooo i can’t remember, but whatever it was that’s what she was riding on. her mother, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “here you go i have a euro”, and popped it straight into to noddy. how kind, how lovely, we thanked her lots. we made our introductions, and from that moment on, all the way from arrecife to gatwick, ronnie and kitty were inseparable.

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my first boyfriend

the first person i truly loved, aside of my family of course

i met david when we were both 15. i always called him david, most called him dave or motty, but not me it was always david

he went to st martins and i the ursuline convent

these two schools didn’t really mix as a whole, actually no other schools in brentwood really mixed with the ursuline girls, i think they thought that we were all weirdos for going to a single sex school, with nuns and all that, and of course we must all be lesbians because of course a lesbian wouldn’t dream of going to a co-ed school?

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