the caves at chislehurst aren’t actually real caves they are completely man-made. they cover an incredible 22 miles and are up to, at points, 30 meters below the homes and woodlands above.

in 1903, william nichols the vice president of the british archaeological association, produced a theory that the caves had been built firstly by the druids, then the romans and finally the saxons. the three separate parts of the caves were then given these names and tour guides now point out druid altars and roman features, however this is mainly speculation as the earliest mention of the caves in 1250 is that of mines which were dug for chalk, lime and flint.

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my first boyfriend

the first person i truly loved, aside of my family of course

i met david when we were both 15. i always called him david, most called him dave or motty, but not me it was always david

he went to st martins and i the ursuline convent

these two schools didn’t really mix as a whole, actually no other schools in brentwood really mixed with the ursuline girls, i think they thought that we were all weirdos for going to a single sex school, with nuns and all that, and of course we must all be lesbians because of course a lesbian wouldn’t dream of going to a co-ed school?

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